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How GreenLine Works

Import GL accs from your ERP system


General Ledger transactions for a single financial period are exported from your ERP/Accounting system and imported into GreenLine.

GL Reconciliation process starts


Recon tasks are selected by relevant Preparers and completed. Checkers are notified when recons are ready for checking.

Audit and Oversight


Checked recons are presented to internal and external audit staff for review. Disapproved recons are routed back for correction.

GL Accounts imported

Import From ERP

Connect to Any ERP System

  1. General Ledger transactions for a single financial period are exported from your ERP/Accounting system in a simple flat file format
  2. Any ERP or Accounting system that can generate a flat file of GL entries for a specified financial period, is supported
  3. Import is then run against the exported file
  4. During the import process vital checks and matches are performed on the transactions
  5. Our matching process also highlights spurious accounts originating from your ERP system
  6. Once all checks are passed the new period data is imported
GL reconciliation process

Reconciliation and Checking

Recon Pool

  1. Recons are pooled at a Company or Branch level
  2. They are then allocated based on the company they work at as well as other internal company rules
  3. Individual recons are claimed by a relevant Preparer at that level
  4. After the Preparer has completed work on a recon it is sent to a local Checker

Recon Approval

  1. Checkers are notified as recons are ready for them to review
  2. Checked and verified recons are moved to an Approver for audit
  3. Recons that still require work are returned to the relevant Preparer for correction
Audit Oversight process

Audit Oversight

  1. Completed and checked GL reconciliations are sent to Approvers for review
  2. Each approver is notified as a account is ready for review
  3. Supporting documents are attached to each account and can be opened at a click
  4. Rejected accounts are sent back to the responsible Preparer and Checker team for correction
  5. Once all accounts are finalized the period can be locked to prevent any changes to the audited data 

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