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GreenLine Pricing

Install and commission


Install and commission Greenline

Monthly Licensing

Per User Pricing 


Installation and Commissioning 

We charge a one-off fee for the installation, configuration and setup of a new GreenLine system.

Pricing varies depending on installation requirements and the location of the instance.

We will provide detailed one-off pricing as well as a draft project-plan for delivery and go-live once we have engaged with relevant decision makers at your corporation.

GreenLine pricing is based on a per user role pricing model.

  • Preparer Role: monthly per user in this role
  • Checker Role:¬† monthly per user in this role
  • Reviewer Role: monthly per user in this role

Please complete the form below for more information about pricing.

Fine Print:

  • Costs are payable monthly or annually in advance
  • Contract are for 12-month periods
  • Per user pricing can vary from month-to-month