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How GreenLine Consolidates Accounts

Our Account Consolidation Method is Called Rollups

We use a concept called rollups, when consolidating many accounts. Rollups show a single report that combines the numbers of all the consolidated accounts.

Once a rollup is created it applies to all imported GL accounts that fall under its ambit.

An assets reports is a good example. The report needs to consolidate all assets across the group. This is exactly what the Rollup functionality delivers. GreenLine can consolidate accounts across:

  1. Companies
  2. Regions
  3. Business Areas
  4. Individual Accounts

Once created a Rollup is applied at the next GL account import.

Rollups are managed in the same way as individual GL accounts, through the Rollup Ledger screen.

Rollup Manager

GreenLine has an easy-to-use tool that allows for the consolidation (grouping) of accounts.

Below is an image of the Rollup Manager - New Rollup create screen:

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