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Financial Close Cloud


Host it in your on-premises data centre


In the cloud with AWS, Azure or Google Cloud

private GreenLine cloud.


We manage your private GreenLine cloud.

Your own hosting on-premise

Self-Hosted Close Process

GreenLine be run with ease as a stand-alone on-premise solution.

It runs on the Microsoft Stack and requires an environment similar to the following:

  • Microsoft Server 2012-R2 or higher - with a min. of 16GB of RAM and 2 CPUs
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or higher - with a min. of 16GB of RAM and 2 CPUs
  • All Microsoft SQL 2016 or above versions supported

Test Environment

We will gladly assist your IT staff to install and configure a test environment on your equipment. Should you decide to go live with our software, we can quickly convert a test environment to a full working installation. 

Installation Service

We can fully install and provision your GreenLine installation. Please contact us for more information.

AWS, Azure, Google Public Cloud

AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

Public Cloud

You are welcome to use your existing public cloud platform to host GreenLine. We support Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

We have 10-years experience in setting up, administering and managing installations in all these platforms. We offer a range of options to support your cloud based GreenLine system:

  • You can outsource full management to us
  • We can assist with setup and then handover
  • Or any range of options in-between
SaaS GreenLine

Software as a Service

We offer fully managed GreenLine systems on a SaaS (Software as a Service) basis.

Our service removes the costs of administering and managing Virtual Machines (VMs) and the associated data security issues around the GreenLine data.

Our service scales at month-end to accommodate the high volumes of traffic and data generated by month-end processes.


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