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Syncrony History

GreenLine is produced by Syncrony Digital. We have been active in software development since 1999.

KLIX, our first financial product was released in 2003. It was a DotNet web based ERP system called KLIX (2003-2016), focussed on the office automation industry.

Syncrony also develops and supports the 1View Sales Analytics System, which manipulates and aggregates franchise food outlet data for international chains including Famous Brands, KFC SA and Ocean Basket.

Financial Software


In addition to GreenLine, we also produce BoardCloud, a company board pack collation and distribution system. BoardCloud is a tool for compiling board packs into PDF books that can be digitally distributed, reviewed and signed by company directors and committees.


GreenLine has been under development since 2016. It was born out of the dream of the CFO of a large services conglomerate and his chief accountant, who were responsible for the internal audit of the books of 50 companies and over 500 branches.

They were always rushing from one month-end close to the next. It seemed to them that just as a reconciliation and audit cycle was complete, the next was upon them, leaving them little plan and manage the financials of the organization 

They had some experience with solutions that connected to their SAP ERP system but had found these offerings to be either to complex or too expensive to justify. 

Determined to craft a solution, they approached Syncrony Digital, with wish list.

'Build it for us'  asked the chief accountant. 

Like all software developers, our initial response was, 'It looks simple enough, sure we can build it!'

And like most software developers, we were wrong. Building a General Ledger Reconciliation System is anything but simple.

In fact, our CEO once said that it was the most difficult software engineering task ever undertaken by his company in its 20-year history of system development.

You can read more about the history of GreenLine's development here: Case Study


GreenLine developed by Syncrony Digital